At our core, Clutter is a technology company. Our Product & Engineering teams work collaboratively, studying the needs of our customers, their use of our current product, and other data sources to continually develop the Clutter product. Everything that makes us unique in our industry comes from the software we develop, the processes we digitize, and the intelligence of our systems.

Our primary stack is Ruby on Rails, and we use an Angular and React front end and Postgres as our primary datastore. We also use Go and Python for additional services, and Swift for our native iOS app. 


We tackle problems a little differently at Clutter than a lot of other organizations do. In most organizations, product managers and engineers execute on ideas from business unit owners outside of the product and engineering groups — at Clutter, we flip that. The Product & Engineering team is really the genesis of the ideas that we decide to execute on.


Lead Generation

The LeadGen team owns optimizing the user experience for new customers. We’re focused on all parts of the funnel. We build features and test experiences that enable us to understand consumer behavior and interests, make sure Clutter (and storage more broadly) are accessible to as many people as possible, optimize the sales process to service more customers and iterate on the booking storage experience to make sure our customers’ needs are properly met.



The Growth team’s goal is to accelerate profitable growth in the business to help Clutter achieve its broader mission. We impact the broader Clutter culture by focusing on experimentation and analysis while moving very quickly. We're building a revenue yield management system that is integrated across pricing, promotions and customer acquisition and overall creating the best consumer experience to solve people's "stuff" problems at scale. 

Supply Chain2.png

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain team’s goal is to optimize the process of picking up, storing, and returning items for our customers. We solve problems across operations research, machine learning, and mobile UX. From automating forklift traffic through our warehouses to predicting how much time it will take to pack each customer's home, we're using technology to build a world-class logistics platform.


Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience team spends every waking moment thinking about delighting customers. We aren’t in the business of meeting expectations - we want to exceed them. Our team has built multiple customer-facing applications that augment the Clutter service we deliver in customer’s homes. Unlike other storage and moving companies, we allow our customers to see their inventory, book appointments, and pay bills online.

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Engineering Manager

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 Team Member Spotlights


“During our hackathons, our Product and Engineering teams get together with the rest of Clutter to identify and solve existing and future challenges and deliver a working tech solution within 48 hours. Some creative solutions we have come up with include a chatbot to automate customer interactions and a robot prototype for our warehouses!”

Dean S.
VP of Engineering


“I love bouncing around from building an A/B testing platform from scratch to launching new verticals to automating processes that make our teams more efficient. I'm now helping Clutter diversify its marketing funnel by expanding our SEO efforts. It's a mix of design, data, strategy, and automation, and it let's me flex different product muscles!”

Liora S.
Senior Product Manager, Lead Generation


“I joined Clutter as a Jr. Marketer, was promoted to Manager within a few months and most recently moved to the Product team! I’ve not only experienced a great deal of professional growth, but my career has been shaped entirely.”

Allie M.
Associate Product Manager, Growth


“Getting to work so closely with Product and fellow Engineers when building out a feature is truly an amazing experience. This is only amplified by how amazing the team is and knowing that each feature is making a real impact in the company.”

Sean M.
Engineer, Supply Chain