Running the complicated business of Clutter day-to-day requires attention to numerous logistical and operational details. Our Operations teams need to be highly versatile and agile to respond to changing needs and requirements. We have hundreds of employees across the country playing a critical role in delivering our product to our customers! 

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Field Operations

The Field Operations teams are the front-line teams providing our product to our customers. We are responsible for moving, packing and loading customers’ items onsite at their place of residence, while scanning and categorizing their items using our self-built mobile iPhone app. We act as the face of Clutter, and consistently deliver 5-star customer service!


Warehouse Operations

The Warehouse teams are responsible for loading and unloading Clutter trucks in a fast-paced warehouse setting. We move, wrap, and palletize customer items in our warehouse, scanning and organizing them using our self-built mobile app. The successful palletizing of our customers’ items is crucial to maintaining the safety of their items and our Warehouse team members!

See what it’s like to work on our Operations teams!

See what it’s like to work on our Operations teams!


Team Member Spotlights


“We work very hard at Clutter, productivity is a priority for top performers. However, benefits like our time off policy help us balance our work and personal lives.”

David D.
Field Supervisor


“We have a leadership team that is truly invested in the success of the company and encourages innovative ideas from all levels. I also enjoy being able to observe how my contributions impact the growth of the company.”

Deji S.
Warehouse Manager