Like most consumer-facing brands, much of Clutter’s success is dependent on an all-star Customer Experience team! Our Customer Experience team is comprised of our Inside Sales and Customer Care teams. Through providing all-star customer service, our Customer Experience team is the public face of our business and our brand!


Inside Sales

The Sales team manages an inbound funnel of customers looking for a storage or moving services. We are responsible for onboarding customers on a daily basis via phone, email & text. We are experts on Clutter’s products, and accurately inform prospective customers of the value of our services. Through making reservations with customers, we play a pivotal role in growing the business and brand-awareness.


Customer Care

The Customer Care team is the face of Clutter for our existing customers. We are experts on the Clutter platform and will help customers with arranging deliveries, pick-ups, account issues and much more! We quickly responds to customer inquiries to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We work cross-functionally with other departments to prioritize, coordinate and apply resources as needed.

 Team Member Spotlights

Michael .png

“We hire talented people that make the customer’s experience the best it can be. These individuals exemplify our values and make coming into the office everyday, fun and exciting. I feel privileged to be working alongside my colleagues!”

Michael E.
Sales Specialist


“Clutter offers incentives to get you to perform to the best of your abilities. Whether it's a cash bonus, or sending out an email in your honor, praising your work.”

Bailey J.
Customer Care Specialist