Who We Are

Clutter is an on-demand, technology company based in Los Angeles that is disrupting the $50B/year self-storage and moving industries. We’ve built an end-to-end logistics and supply chain platform that enables us to offer consumers a much more convenient solution at price parity with the incumbents. We’ve raised $300M from a number of VCs, including SoftBank, Sequoia, Atomico and GV (formerly Google Ventures). We have 500+ team members and tens of thousands of customers in 7 major markets across the US with plans to be in 50+ markets, domestically and internationally, within the next 5 years!

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It’s virtually impossible to choose a single opportunity for our growth— every American uses moving or storage several times in his or her life, but almost nobody can point to a delightful experience they’ve had. There’s so much more room to continue delighting customers in this space that, despite the great things we’ve built so far, we’re still really excited about what products lie ahead. 

How it Works 


We Pack It

Our movers can help you pack. They also photograph and catalog your items so you don't forget what you're storing!


We Pick it Up

We do all the heavy lifting for you and transport your items to our secure storage facility.


We Store It

We store your items in a secure facility, guarded 24/7 and closed to the public.


We Bring it Back

Go online and schedule a delivery and we'll meet you at your doorstep with the items you want back.

 What We Stand For

Our Vision

To make your life more convenient, so you
can experience more of what you love.

Our Mission

To consistently provide hassle-free and affordable
service by investing in exceptional people,
smart technology and pristine spaces.

Our Values


Safety for Everyone
and Everything

Ensuring the safety of our people, our customers and their belongings is our most important priority.


Pride in

In every location and every interaction, we are consummate professionals whose integrity earns the trust of our customers and colleagues.


High Standards,
Real Accountability

Outstanding performance isn't something we just talk about. We hold each other to high standards.



We believe in our ability to build a successful future that has never before been achieved. Our positive attitude and agility provide stability in times of change.